The Project

Europe’s 5 million truck and bus drivers are constantly challenged with new rules and regulations and rapidly changing work conditions, including technological innovations. For these reasons initial qualification and periodic training of drivers (defined in Directive 2003/59/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council) plays a major role in White Paper objectives.

There is a considerable and unmet need to develop situated training opportunities for those millions, as it is almost impossible to engage the drivers in systematic on-location training provisions due to the nature of the highly individualized jobs. This target group is often on the road and does not want to be in class.

C95-Challenge project seeks to pilot and test innovative training methodologies for truck and bus drivers based on:

  • mobile technologies for training purposes;
  • games to enhance motivation of the target and develop entrepreneurial and linguistic skills.

Mobile learning and gaming have considerable potential in providing innovative training solutions to meet the project goals.

The drivers’ work situation requires flexible solutions, which do not force the training activity to take place in a specific place and time. Such innovative methods and tools can be more efficient for the training of professional drivers and could enhance the engagement and motivation of the target group.

C95 Challenge project is a Key Activity 2 project funded under the Erasmus+ Programme. It will cover a 2 year period: September 2014 –August 2016.