C95 questionnaires in Italy

On 14 February 2015, in the premises of CNA of Jesi, Training 2000 and CNA of Pesaro e Urbino have organized a meeting with a group of drivers and companies in the transport sector in order to carry out the questionnaires for the C95 Challenge project’s needs analysis.


About 30 drivers and 7 companies attended the meeting. The meeting started with a project’s presentation in order to give an overview of the main aims, the partners, the future activities and the results expected.

The participants were informed about the aim of the questionnaires and the needs analysis phase in general.


The questionnaires were filled in using an online survey software.


All partners of the project are currently working on different activities of the project.

The needs analysis questionnaires are almost ready to be distributed to our target groups (drivers, transport companies and trainers). The project leaflet and the website are ready to be launched and distributed to the general public.

Partners, at the moment are translating the project website in their national languages.

Stay tuned as a lot of new elements will be soon posted!