Focus group in Italy

On 09 March 2015, in the premises of CNA of Pesaro e Urbino in Marotta, the focus group for the C95 Challenge project was held. The focus group had the aim of discussing with drivers, trainers and companies in the transport sector  the results of the questionnaires collected during the first steps of the needs analysis phase. The participants had the possibility to verify the results and analyse in depth strengths and weaknesses of various training aspects which they are obliged to be part of.


5 drivers, 2 trainers and 2 companies participated in the focus group. The session started with a brief presentation of the C95 Challenge project: the main aims, the partnership and the results.

Training 2000’s staff presented the needs analysis phase and the activities already carried out. In particular the structure of the three questionnaires (drivers, companies, trainers) was presented pointing out the main areas and the differences between them.


The focus group followed the different areas of the questionnaires (learning path, content of the training course, foreign languages, entrepreneurship and e-learning). For each area the results of the questionnaires were presented and discussed with the group.