Final project meeting in Catarroja

The fourth C95 Challenge project meeting will be held on 30 june and 1 July 2016 in Catarroja (Valencia). The Centre Integrat Públic de Formació Professional Catarroja will host the project partners coming from Italy, Austria, Poland and Switzerland.
During the meeting the project partners will present the main results of the project, including the interactive educational materials created for the training of professional drivers.

The meeting is crucial to take decisions about the future of C95 Challenge project. In particular the next steps will be oriented to optimise the material, improve sustainability and exploitation and find, with the main stakeholders in the transport sector, possible developments at European level.

Meeting TCS trainers for fine-tuning in Switzerland

On June 22nd SUPSI met Mr. Marco Gazzola, the responsible for training courses of Swiss Touring Club (TCS) – Ticino (

SUPSI - TCS Ticino meeting

Together with two trainers of OAut courses for car, small trucks and minibus, the C95-challenge training path, the 5 modules and their sub-topics, the ICT technologies and tools used in the educational contents, and the available interactive material have been presented and discussed. The trainers’ feedback was generally positive and has been collected in a questionnaire; at this preliminary analysis, some remarks about open issues have been observed, in particular about differences or small discrepancies between EU and CH regulations.

Project presentation in Urbino

Cna Pesaro e Urbino with the support of Training 2000 presented C95 Challenge results during a training course for professional drivers in Urbino. During the event the participants had the opportunity to explore the educational material and give their impressions. The partners collected very positive feedback from the participants and useful contacts for the sustinability of the project results.