Meeting with Swiss trainers

On April 21st SUPSI met two trainers from Swiss Road Transport Association (ASTAG) in Manno (CH). The meeting aimed to present the training path, a number of ICT technologies and tools useful in educational contexts, and the interactive material in Italian produced by C95 Challenge project that includes interactive slides, hyper-videos, apps and games. The trainers’ feedback was very positive; teachers recognised the usefulness and the potential effectiveness of the training material in increasing drivers’ motivation and engagement. In the next weeks the interactive material will be further explored and tested, and additional comments will be provided.


First Project meeting

The first project meeting will be held in Pesaro from the 15 to 17 December 2014.

The partners from Austria, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Italy will meet to discuss and plan the activities foreseen for the next two years of the project.

C95 Challenge is an Erasmus+- Strategic partnership project which foresees the creation of innovative methodologies to train long distrance drivers according to decree 2013/59 of the European Union. The national association of small and medium enterprises of Pesaro and Urbino (CNA Pesaro and Urbino) is the coordinator of the project and will develop all material together with COSGROUP-Austria, 36,6 Competence Centre – Poland, Centre integrat públic de formació professional – Catarroja – Spain, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) – Switzerland and Training 2000 – Italy.